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Lawn  Treatment Services

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Here at Greenhand we pride ourselves in providing the very best in lawn care services throughout the entire west of Ireland. Our fully trained and licensed operatives are familiar with all soil types and are onhand to recommend the best treatment specifically tailored to your lawn.


This individual and personal service will ensure you enjoy a healthy weed free green lawn all year round.


We have developed our own unique fertiliser technology which provides for slow and controlled release of nutrients with absolutely no scorch to your lawn.


Our fertiliser formula being unique to us is not readily available in garden centers. Furthermore our technology is proven to be a lot more effective lasting months as opposed to routinely available fertiliser which fades away in 2/3 weeks.


Our fertiliser and weed eradication service will cost you less than searching for, buying and applying the products yourself. So why bother with DIY when GREENHAND can do the job cheaper and more effectively.


With our professional service your green lawn will be the envy of all your neighbours!