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Lawn  Treatment Services

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A plant growth regulator slows the vertical growth of the plant by up to 50% reducing the amount of mowing required whilst encouraging lateral growth to create a much thicker award. The advantage of this product is less mowing and less clippings whilst still ensuring your lawn is beautifully green.





A superb wetting agent that helps keep the root of

the plant moist in dry spells avoiding unsightly dry

patches and reducing the amount of watering by

effectively turning your lawn into a sponge.






When the chafer beetle or crane fly lays her eggs in your lawn the resulting Larvae called leaterjackets will feed on the roots of the grass causing devastation to the lawn. The local wildlife then have a field day digging for the grubs and causing more damage.


Our treatments will effectively eradicate leatherjackets and chafer grubs leaving your lawn pest free.
















Weather conditions can easily cause diseases such as red thread, fusarium, leaf spot, snow mould and dollar spot. Our licenced operatives are fully qualified and trained to deal with all these problems allowing your lawn to fully recover quickly.


The required licence is regulated by city and guilds NPTC PA1 and PA6 to spray pesticides and fungicides .












                          Fusarium Fungus                                                 Dollar Spot Fungus

REDTHREAD DOLLARSPOT LEATHERJACKETS CHAFER THATCH wetting agents 200dpi smaller OH_producttechnology_CRF