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Lawn  Treatment Services

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Puregreen® No. 1    


Exclusive proprietary granular slow release fertiliser will provide you with a superb rich green lawn early in the year. This treatment will concentrate heavily on targeting early weed growth.

Early Summer


Puregreen® No. 2


This treatment using our patented fertiliser formula will continue to maintain a healthy lush green lawn through the heat of summer. The treatment has in built anti-scorch properties. No watering of your lawn will be required as the product is a very slow release fertiliser. In addition we will identify and treat any weed growth on your lawn.

Late Summer


Puregreen® No. 3


This treatment continues to nourish and maintain your green lawn and offers protection against common lawn diseases such as fusarium, red thread and dollar spot. In addition this treatment continues to target and eradicate weed growth as required.

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Early Autumn


Puregreen® No. 4


A liquid feed that strengthens the grass plant through the autumn months keeping your lawn a lovely deep green colour. This treatment contains a moss control agent.



Puregreen® No. 5


This treatment provides a moss eradication and winter lawn solution ensuring your lawn is fully protected through the harshness of the winter period and ready to flourish come springtime. Once this treatment has been applied it is ideal for customers who want to aerate or scarify the lawn.