A beautiful lawn is our business

Here at Greenhand we pride ourselves in providing the very best in lawn care services throughout the entire West of Ireland.

Our fully trained and licensed operatives are familiar with lawn types and conditions and are on hand to recommend the best treatment specifically tailored to your lawns’ needs

The Lawn Care Experts of the West

Our Treatments

Spring Treatment

Spring Treatment

The spring application of our mini-prill fertiliser will provide you with a rich green lawn early in the year. At the same time we will concentrate heavily on controlling early weed growth with a targeted herbicide spray. The spring application of our mini-prill fertiliser will provide you with a rich green lawn early in 

Summer Treatment

Summer Treatment

The summer treatment is formulated to continue to provide your lawn with the required goodness for healthy growth throughout the warmer months and with its built in anti-scorch properties regular watering-in is not required. At the same time we will continue to monitor and control any additional weed growth.

Autumn Treatment

Autumn Treatment

The autumn treatment is the final application of our nutrient rich fertiliser and weed killing spray which will help your lawn continue to thrive through until the end of the growing season. The autumn treatment is the final application of our nutrient rich fertiliser and weed killing spray  which will help your lawn

Winter Dressing

Winter Dressing

To prepare and protect your lawn from the harsh winter period, a liquid dressing and moss control is applied during the colder months leaving your lawn
conditioned for the winter and ready for removal of any moss and unwanted build up of thatch (one of the main causes of moss).


An optional but essential part of lawn management, scarifying the lawn will not only remove a great deal of dead and unwanted material, it will also help to aerate the ground, promoting healthy growth and root development early in the growing season.

The No 1 lawncare company in the West of Ireland

 Contact us today and receive the following

  • Free detailed appraisal of the condition of your lawn

  • Free comprehensive written lawn analysis report

  • Free advice on your current lawn care

  • Free no obligation quotation for our lawn treatment service.

We are located in Mayo and we service the entire West of Ireland from our base.

Frequently asked questions

How many treatments a year do I need to have?

For the optimum results you would have 4 seasonal treatments followed by a scarification during the winter months although all of our treatments
are optional.

What about the moss?

By following our treatment programme, lawn care guidance and advice you will quickly find that any lawn moss problem will be a thing of the past.

I usually put my own ‘feed and weed’ on the lawn, should I still be doing this?

Not at all, by following our seasonal programme of treatments there will be no need to apply any other products to your lawn.

Do you offer any other gardening services?

No, we are specialists in providing professional lawn treatments only.

It is safe for children and pets?

Yes, all of our treatments are perfectly safe and you can usually walk on your lawn within an hour of application (we recommend that the herbicide has been allowed to fully dry before you do).

I think my lawn is beyond help, am I wasting my money having a treatment?

Home owners are constantly amazed by the transformation to lawns that they thought were beyond repair and they have avoided the costly exercise of digging up and relaying their lawn by simply opting in to our programme of treatments.

What Our Clients Say

Conor – Ballina

A tremendous company to work with, I would have no hesitation in recommending Greenhand for any lawn treatment.

Bernadette – Claremorris

Without the help of the lads from Greenhand I wouldn’t have such a beautiful, green lawn that I am so proud of. They are a pleasure to work with.

Martha – Galway

I find the staff at Greenhand to be friendly, professional, quick, reliable and very affordable. There is no pressure to have any of the treatments and the results are fantastic, I’ve promoted Greenhand to all of my neighbours and many have started to use them. It’s the best lawn service ever!

Joan – Westport

I had tried all sorts to get a nice looking lawn but was never happy with any of the results. Then I contacted Greenhand and they came and put a treatment on it for me, my lawn was transformed, I’m delighted with the outcome and would highly recommend them.

David – Newport

We have been using Greenhand Lawn Services for 7 years now and their service is second to none. They are friendly, courteous, efficient and totally professional. With 3 visits a year our lawn is always totally weed free.

Michael – North Mayo

We have been using Greenhand for spring and autumn feeds for 8 years with very good results. Now we have replaced our ride-on mower with a robot mower and find the combination of the robot mower and the lawn treatments is producing excellent results. Our lawn has never been better. Thanks to the team at Greenhand, we highly recommend you
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